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Our Story

After 20+ years of working in the Federal sector, a few of us EngiNERDs thought we could make GovTech easier, cost effective, and actually work.

Thus, the birth of BizPair. We love to pair up with the best of the best teams and brains in the industry. Simple. No extra bells and whistles. Just what you need -- quickly and affordably.

Whether it's teaming on a proposal to increase PWINs, staff augmentation or direct placement, or our GovTech products, BizPair always has you in mind.

Our Team

Cathryn Patterson.jpg

Cathryn Patterson

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

  • Location: Gilbert, AZ

  • 20+ years in GovTech, BD, DoD, VA, and previous work experience w/ Primes - Boeing, Northrop, Honeywell, L-3, ManTech

  • BA Rhetoric, California State University Long Beach

  • SkillsPMP, CSM, SAFe, ITIL, Slang/Buzzword Reuse, ShoeGates

  • Tech Cred: Star Trek NextGen

  • Other Facts: Mom of 1 Toddler Boy, Former Turbo Kickbox and Zumba Instructor

  • Quotables: "I learned a long time ago that about 95-98% of the people out there will either like or love me. Then, about 2-5% will dislike me, and that's ok. Because about 95-98% of the people in the world will dislike them." "Who in the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch thought this was ok?!"

ROb Hill.png

Rob Hill

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

  • Location: Phoenix, AZ

  • 15 years in IT & TravelTech, DoD, Intel

  • 8 years experience as a Small Business Owner

  • Skills: SOLID principles, Software Architecture, Hardware, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering, Shoegates, Puns, Human Robot

  • Tech Cred: Star Wars

  • Other Facts: Catholic Chocoholic, Desktop Gamer

  • Quotables: "Whenever spreadsheets are used as a means for business, THAT is where opportunity is found." "What the borscht!" "Naansense!"

Mark Reed.png

Mark Reed

Head of Business Operations

  • Location: Gilbert, AZ

  • 10+ years in GovTech, enhancing Government Procurement systems; former DoD Contracting Program experience in Aviation and Space sectors; vast Program Management experience and expertise with FARs and DFARs.

  • Education details to be updated here soon...

  • Former Air Force Officer -- thank you for your service, Mark!

  • Skills: Next Level Technical Program Management Skills, Stock Photo Poses at Whim and Will, Father to 2 Raspy-Voiced Tots and Married to A Triple Threat Engineer (Beauty, Brains, and uhhh Brunch)

Rick Falls.png
  • Location: Washington DC

  • 30 years in GovTech; current and past working experience w/ Primes - TISTA, GovCIO, ByLight, CACI, Technatomy, Vangent, SAIC

  • BBA International Business James Madison University; MHA Health Administration Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Skills: PMP, Tech Solutioning Wizard, Conference Networking Efficiency on the level of Jack Bauer from 24

Rick Falls

Head of Business Development

Jamie Underwood.png

Jamie O'Brian

Head of HR & Accounting

  • Location: Gilbert, AZ

  • 15 years of HR, Accounting, and Clinical Care experience in Nonprofit and Healthcare sector

  • MA Public Administration, Grand Canyon University; BA Human Development & Family Studies, University of Arizona

  • Skills: Behavioral Clinical Care, Compassion, Sarcasm

  • Other Facts: Mother to 1 Toddler Hugger and Married to 1 Human Factor Scientist who can uncannily match outfits with anyone #twinning

Elizabeth Tanardi.png

Elizabeth Tanardi

Head of Marketing

  • Location: Gilbert, AZ

  • 17 years in Marketing & Branding; Massage Envy Corporate, Shamrock Foods

  • BS Marketing, Arizona State University; MBA International Business, Western International University

  • Skills: Analytical Genius,  Can easily drain an iPhone battery in one fell swoop

  • Other Facts: Biological Mother to Blonde, Blue Eyed Fraternal Twin Toddlers and Married to an EngiNerd Herder (aka Manager)

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